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"I didn't mean to Mum, it was only banter..."

LADS. LADS. LADS. Have you ever taken banter too far? Berty, Amber, Noah, Sam and Harriet are childhood friends whose lives have taken different directions. They reunite for one big festival p**s-up when an unexpected guest arrives and burns a hole in their weekend plans. Shanter (shit banter) is a dark comedy about the dangers of “Lad Banter” and how it can affect different people in a pressurised environment. This play will give you an insight into youth culture today and how vulnerable young people really are.

Trigger warnings:

Drugs, alcohol and swearing.


Age Limit: 13 plus.


Estimated running time of performance: 1 hour and 10 minutes


Director and Writer: Maisie Brooker

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