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The Highway Inn

Curious Circus presents The Highway Inn, a twisted tale set in 17th century rural Lancashire
where nothing is ever as it seems. For many years, dodgy innkeepers, Deborah and Herbert
have struggled to get customers through the doors due to local rumour about ghost sightings
inside the inn. But when a mysterious highwayman crosses their path, they see the perfect
opportunity to gain some much needed income with the hope that positive word of mouth may
once spread again. However, Deborah and Herbert quickly start to suspect that something isn't
quite right with their new customer and a revelation about his true identity sparks the beginning
of a nerve-wracking kidnapping plot.

* This company believes theatre should be accessible to all. So tickets are free to reserve and so they work with a pay what you want scheme after the performance.

Running Time:
One hour.

Trigger warnings:


Writer: Lee Hodgetts
Director: Ian Hylands

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