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You, Me and the Magic Tree

“How far would you journey to ask your biggest question?”

“Just when she thought she had it all planned out, Eden, a lone wolf in an open forest, meets Noah - Noah from Nowhere! Whilst she’s not yet ready for company, she’s more than ready for the journey ahead. The pair travel through the midnight sun to have their biggest questions answered by the all-knowing Grandmother Spirit. What awaits them on their adventure? What answers will they find at their destination? And who or what is the Magic Tree?

Join us on a magical adventure, where the ordinary and extraordinary cross paths. Ducking, diving and dancing their way through the obstacles ahead, this pair will have to be quick if they want to make it back before darkness hits.”

Estimated running time of  performance: 

45 minutes

Written and Performed by Mabel El-Dabh and Gherto Tanzarella

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