Join us between June and September and discover some incredible art from amazing local artists adorning the route around The Living Theatre. Interact, explore and challenge yourself to rediscover the world around you and look a little deeper into nature…



Parking is situated on Waterhall Farm car park just off the B651. On Google Maps follow directions to Acer Barns Studio, SG4 8AF.


After walking from the car park through the livery yard, the path will rear right and you’ll pass Emily’s Tea rooms on your left and toilets on your right. Please do use this as a chance to use the facilities before your session! After passing through the silver gate you’ll reach a tarmac road, turn right and walk up a bridleway before reaching a fork and take a left and then right taking you onto open fields where you will follow the footpath as it bends to the left and makes it way round to the theatre space.

Art Trail Map

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Art Trail Map
The Living Studio by Vicki Baker Hopeful Notes by Natalia Millman Ceramic Shark by Hannah Workington Stained Glass Birds by Ellie @ Hicca Glass Community piece created by St Paul's Walden School Fairy Houses by Teena Reverse Glass Gold Leaf Sign by Linus Hurling

The Living Studio by Vicki Baker

I am a self taught watercolourist who loves to explore the ever changing light cast on a landscape from the sky above, as well as the forms and textures of the landscape itself. I am using this project to document the changes of the location of The Living Theatre throughout the summer. I invite the public to join me in exploring their own relationship with the space, nature and creativity.

Instagram - The Living Studio

Instagram - Vicki Baker Fine Art

Hopeful Notes by Natalia Millman

Natalia’s mission as a human and as an artist originates from the enquiry into interconnectedness of all living and non-living beings, the flow, transience and the exchange of energy. Working in a broad range of media, including photography, video, sculpture, mixed media and paint, the artist gives decayed or broken objects a new function and extends their life. She has a tactile, instinctive and experimental approach to her creative practice.

Artist Website

Instagram - Natalia Millman Art

Ceramic Shark by Hannah Workington

My name is Hannah Workington and I am a ceramic sculptor and artist from Hertfordshire. I have been working in clay since I began my degree in Ceramic Design in 2015 and have found that the versatility of the material has enabled me to challenge myself in new and varied ways. My work is largely focused on making animal sculptures and I find that the natural world is a constant source of inspiration.

Instagram - Hannah Workington Creative

Stained Glass Birds by Ellie @ Hicca Glass

I founded Hicca Glass earlier this year, five years after finishing my masters degree in stained glass conservation 🎨 I was inspired to get into stained glass during my undergrad studies, following a love for medieval art. I’ve been a keen artist for as long as I can remember, and I’m absolutely loving taking some time to pursue my creative passions alongside my day job.

I’m most inspired by nature, the seasons and folklore, and how all three link together 🌱 I was so delighted to be selected for The Living Theatre’s inaugural art trail, which will be my first public exhibition (although you can find my art in St Albans Cathedral’s new sign in Sumpter Yard too!).

Instagram - Hicca Glass

Community piece created by St Paul's Walden School

Fairy Houses by Teena

I create mixed-media art that is usually whimsical, and informed by folklore and nature. Due to the combination of being self-taught and having MS, I have learned to embrace the wonky and the imperfect, lending an outsider/naive art aesthetic to my work. I have a fondness for acrylic, ink, art markers and playing with textures.

Instagram - Teena Beena Art

Reverse Glass Gold Leaf Sign by Linus Hurling

I am a multidisciplinary artist but I mainly focus on signwriting. My work mainly consists of using signwriting enamels, gold leaf, reverse glass painting and lots of other mediums. My inspiration stems heavily from 60s/70s Americana. Using old posters, matchbooks, postcards and magazines as my inspiration.

Instagram - Linus Hurling Art

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