A Christmas Carol Tour 2023

Touring throughout Hertfordshire and further afield, The Living Theatre is delighted to present this classic tale. 

Grab yourself a mulled wine and settle into your seat – but don’t get too comfortable, expect characters to leap from the page and Dickens to dance before your eyes as our two actors contend to tell everyone’s favourite Christmas story; seamlessly moving from your trusted narrator to the most fiendish of Dickens creations. This reading is created for all the family, relishing the words for the most faithful Dickens fan to captivating the imaginations of our youngest audiences.

Hatfield House – 3rd, 17th and 21st December (14:00 & 17:00)

St John The Baptist – Royston – 8th December (19:00)

St Mary’s – Hitchin – 9th December (19:00)

St Pauls Walden Bury – 10th December (17:00)

Reveley Lodge – 14th December (17:00 & 19:30)

St Mary’s – Baldock – 15th December (19:00)

Holy Trinity Church – Horsham – 20th December (19:00)