At The Living Theatre with Claire Winterbourne.


This summer of yoga draws attention to the energy of creativity; our yoga practice moves energy within our subtle body, which enhances our capacity for creativity.

We will be celebrating this throughout our season together; being playful, being curious, and enjoying  that sense of getting lost in the rhythm of the flow.

Summer solstice cacao and yoga ceremony 7-9pm

Claire is thrilled to be joining forces with her soul sister Suzanne to offer you a wonderful celebration of the doorway to summer.

And marking the beginning of our summer of yoga at The Living Theatre.

A beautiful balance of peaceful stillness, heart opening cacao and embodied movement practice on this most special of evenings.  Indeed, this promises to be a very special evening.

Yin yoga and Sound

We close our summer of yoga with a very special collaboration – Claire is as passionate about sound as am I about yoga.

This is going to be a real treat. We will begin with a soft and slow yin practice, holding earth bound gentle shapes allowing tensions to fall away, and preparing the body and mind to receive the beauty of sound.

Once comfy and snug, Claire of Heart Led sounds will bathe you in the sound of gong and bowls. A chance to rest deeply. 

No previous experience of yin is needed. Anyone can enjoy this.